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Maximize ad revenue while protecting your ad inventory from fraudulent traffic.

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Joel Borchardt,
We’ve grown ad revenue by something like 3-400% and also not had any policy violations regarding ads. MonetizeMore does a great job identifying growth opportunities, implementing your ad strategy, and keeping an eye on things to ensure your site maximizing ad revenue. 
Thanks to Monetize More Traffic Cop, invalid traffic and abusive clicks are consistently blocked and kept away from our advertisements. This solution provides valuable information about potential ad stacking, content policy problems, and general traffic quality.
Neal Parker,
Since we started working with MonetizeMore, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in our page RPM by 28% and have loved the clear communication between our teams so we can understand the optimization tests we’re running on our publishing property.
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Get exclusive tweaks for your ad account to maximize your ad revenue with our team of industry experts.

Ad inventory management platform

Our AI pricing floors automatically gets the best price for your ad inventory so that you can grow your Session RPMs long-term.

360 degree ad Inventory protection
Invalid Traffic, Ad Set Up Policy Violations (ASPV), and other ad fraud can cause revenue clawbacks. Traffic Cop protects you from potential account terminations.
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