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AI-powered Header Bidding Wrapper

Our unrivaled header bidding wrapper seamlessly unites dynamic AdX floors, bid scaling, viewability bidding, and more to maximize your ad revenue.

Bids are compared in real-time instead of you having to update ad network priority levels.

Maximum ad revenue over the long-term

What would a 400% increase in ad revenue do for your business? Power up your ad monetization game with PubGuru. 

With our technology, you get profit attribution insights, smart notifications, and clear view of your campaigns. 

Eliminate fraudulent traffic on your ads

Don't leave your ad inventory vulnerable. Our Traffic Cop solution eliminates invalid traffic and safeguards ad revenue for ad monetized publishers. 

Shield against AdSense and Admob Bans with ASPV detection and prevent revenue losses.

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Bono Van Den Hork

Publab Media prioritizes constant growth, and MonetizeMore helped us reach several of our most important revenue goals since the beginning of our company back in 2019. We are now averaging 200k to 300k euros per month, with much more potential for growth.



In a short time, MonetizeMore increased our ad revenue by 55%. The team provided exceptional service and offered fantastic support. I highly recommend MonetizeMore to Publishers looking for ad revenue growth. 


Manik Singla

Since we started working with MonetizeMore, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in our page RPM by 28% and have loved the clear communication between our teams so we can understand the optimization tests we’re running on our publishing property.